Multi-State Property Divorce



You might be getting divorced in California, but hold property outside the state. If you have property outside California, you need a multi-state property divorce attorney. The property in question creates a jurisdictional dispute, so it is important to retain a divorce attorney who will be able to help you get through this hurdle.

If you own anything outside of California, your best option is to move it to California. However, it is impossible to move some properties. In these cases, you will need a multi-state property divorce attorney.


The state where your property is located has default jurisdiction over said property. However, there are cases where that state only has jurisdiction over the property itself. If California has jurisdiction over both people, they can dictate a property agreement between them.

Conversely, there are many cases where California won’t have jurisdiction over both people. For example, if you moved to California from another state and your spouse never lived here, California does not have jurisdiction over him. Changing the jurisdiction may be possible. Multi-state property divorce attorney Michelle Paul can evaluate your case during a free consultation.


In some cases, the other state will maintain full property jurisdiction. This situation is called a division divorce. In this type of divorce, parts of the case such as asset division and alimony will be handled out of state. This sort of multi-state property divorce can be long and complicated.

You will need a powerful negotiator like Michelle. She has a lot of collaborative divorce experience. If you reach an agreement outside of court, you both will save a lot of stress and legal fees. Neither one of you probably wants to hire a second attorney. You will need a separate attorney for each state participating in the divorce.

If you are in need of a multi-state property divorce attorney, The Law Office of Michelle Paul can help. She has helped many California couples reach fair agreements. She also has the drive and skill to win litigation cases. Michelle will always do what it takes to help you and your family.
Call Attorney Michelle Hall at 619-624-3333 for your free initial consultation. You will find out what you are up against and what Michelle can do to help. Let her skill and experience help your multi-state property divorce.


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