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If you are a man going through divorce, you might have some questions about how child support works, and you may worry about the effect child support payments have on your life. This isn’t uncommon, and child support payments are an incredibly important issue.

Michelle Paul and her team of legal professionals are experienced attorneys who have a strong track record of helping men through divorce. Child support is an important part of this process. Without the right legal representation, you may be at risk of losing not only a sizable portion of your income, but possibly your home and your financial assets.

When you work with Michelle Paul as your San Diego Child Support Attorney, you instantly gain access to:
  • Our deep understanding of divorce law that allows you to address important issues and challenges before they arise
  • A professional legal team that will fight for your rights as a man and father.
  • Experience that ensures you properly protect livelihood, assets, and net worth, and that process of determining child support is handled fairly.
  • Legal support that gives you a strong foundation for moving forward, while protecting your career and hard work from an unfair ruling
  • A calm, reasonable, and rational influence in an emotional time
  • There are many reasons to hire a San Diego child support attorney. The first reason is to facilitate the negotiations between both parents. During and after divorce there may be tensions or hard feelings present. The parents may also have differences in opinions. A San Diego child support attorney will focus on the important issues and negotiate a fair payment without emotional distress.
Another reason to hire an experienced San Diego child support attorney is because we are trained in the laws and know how to present the information to a judge. You may know what you want for your child, but probably do not know how to legally obtain it. First off, we can give you realistic expectations of the amount a judge will award. Next we know the laws and legal processes to get you what you and your children deserve.


Michelle has 8 years of successful experiencing in civil court. She sincerely cares about her clients. She is known for her ongoing open communication with clients and her success in the courtroom speaks for itself. Read testimonials and reviews from her past clients. We can help you get through this tough time. Call us today at 619-624-3333.


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