Child Custody



As a man fighting for child custody in San Diego, it’s important to approach the situation with the right perspective. Many men approach custody battles with the view that the legal system is inherently biased in favor of women.

While this may be a common view, it not only hurts your ability to handle the process of winning custody but also intensifies the already strong feelings that accompany a divorce. This can lead to emotional decision making, careless mistakes, and ultimately a loss of custody.

Michelle Paul and her team of legal professionals has experience helping men through the emotional process of divorce and winning child custody battles is an incredibly important part of this process. Michelle will help you protect your rights as a man, give you confidence that you are represented fairly, and ensure that you are entitled to the same rights as females in our justice system.

Our main goal is to make sure that you have the best legal representation possible. We make this goal a reality through our experience, and understanding of divorce law. With our help, you can address challenges before they arise, make calm and reasonable decisions in emotional times, and prevent damage to your relationship with your family.

A child custody battle is a difficult and emotionally trying time. You need someone with the experience and track record of success that can help you make the right decisions, protect your rights as a man, and ensure that this important step in your life is handled fairly and smoothly.

If you are fighting for custody of your child, please call professionals who have the experience to help you move forward happily and peacefully with your family. Contact Michelle Paul at 619-624-3333.


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