Parent's Rights



If you are a man with children going through divorce, it’s important to obtain a favorable ruling involving your Parent’s Rights if you want to have a say in your child’s future. But Parent’s Rights include more than the ability to make decisions for your child. It includes the right to travel, attain custody, and make decisions related to religion on behalf of your child.

Without an experienced attorney who has a successful track record of helping men obtain favorable rulings on their rights as a parent, you are at risk of losing your ability to make decisions for your child, as well as visitations and custody rights.

When you work with Michelle Paul as your San Diego Parents Rights Attorney, you have the opportunity to put her experience to work for you. She and her professional team of legal professionals will fight for your rights as a man and father. Her experience with father's rights can help you make calm, rational decisions during an emotional divorce process, and make sure you have the support to move forward in your new life with your family relationships intact.

It’s crucial to work with an attorney who understands divorce law and has experience working with men going through a divorce. This allows her to identify potential issues and challenges before they arise.

She can also help to make sure you are fairly represented throughout the legal process. Many men hold the view that the justice system is biased towards women. Unfortunately, this widespread belief only worsens the negative feelings already present during a divorce. Without an attorney that gives you confidence that you have all of the same rights as a woman, you risk making an emotional decision and damaging your chances of a favorable ruling.

If you want to protect your relationship with your children, and move forward in the future with strong and healthy family relationships, call Michelle Paul today for a free consultation. She has the experience and track record of successfully helping men navigate the process of divorce. Call 619-624-3333 for a free consultation today.


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