Fathers Rights



While some divorces may go smoothly, others can be difficult, complicated, and contentious. As a man going through divorce, you may worry about how your rights as a father are protected. This includes issues of child support, child visitation, and child custody. Without an experienced attorney who has a track record of success helping men going through a divorce, you may be in danger of damaging your career, your home ownership, your net worth, and your relationship with your family.

When you work with Michelle Paul as your San Diego Father’s Rights Attorney, you gain access to Michelle and her legal team of professionals who have the experience to ensure that your livelihood, your assets, and your relationship with your family are protected.

They have the understanding of divorce laws to address complicated issues and challenges before they arise, and make sure you are treated fairly in the eyes of the law.

Many men have a belief that the justice system unfairly favors women. While this is a widely held belief, it only strengthens negative feelings already present during a divorce. This thinking makes it more likely that your emotions will interfere and prevent you from obtaining a favorable ruling. We aim to support your rights as a man and as a father by representing you fairly, and that you are entitled to the same rights as females throughout the legal process.

Through this emotional time, it’s important to maintain a calm and rational stance. This is something we can provide, and we will help you make the decisions that protect your livelihood, your assets, and your relationship with your family.

In order to expedite the process and make the strongest case possible, you will want to work with an attorney who understands the struggle over father’s rights. That person knows what you are going through, and how you can use the law to become closer to your child. Get the representation of experienced professionals by working with The Law Offices of Michelle Paul. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your father’s rights case, call us at 619-624-3333.


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