Spousal Support



A divorce will change your life in many ways. When one spouse was the sole or primary provider, it can be difficult for the other one to support him or herself. Cases like this often result in one party receiving spousal support. Unlike child support, spousal support cases require a court case. It is important that you get the help that you need. Attorney Michelle Paul can help.


California law understands spousal support payments may be necessary. Even if you were never married, you might still be eligible for partner support. The two types of spousal support are temporary and permanent spousal support.


This refers to money paid prior to the official divorce. It is money to help one party during the transition from married to divorced. If you were a stay at home parent, it may take you some time to get on your feet. You don’t have to struggle. You can have funds rewarded prior to the divorce becoming finalized.

The temporary amount will usually be higher than the permanent amount. This amount depends on each person’s income and expenses. There are formulas that determine these amounts. Each county has its own set of specific rules and guidelines.
Permanent does not mean forever. It is just the term for the support ruling put in place upon divorce. It is basically up to the judge to decide how much will be awarded.

This decision is based on:
  • Length of Marriage
  • Financial Needs
  • Financial Demands
  • Childcare Obligations (past and present)
  • Age
  • Health
  • Provided Support During Education
  • Domestic Violence
The judge has a lot of discretion when deciding the actual number. That is why it is crucial to hire the right attorney. Michelle has the experience, education and negotiation skill to get you a fair amount. This is important for both parties. You don’t want to pay an amount you can’t afford and you don’t want your award to be less than you need to survive.

It is important to get the money you need. You and your children should be able to maintain your standard of living. Michelle is a compassionate and fierce attorney who will cares about her clients. Call us today at 619-624-3333 for a free consultation. Our goal is for your family to have a peaceful resolution. Let Michelle help.


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