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Experienced Divorce Lawyer defending men's, father's and husband's rights throughout San Diego and the Point Loma area.
  • Experienced divorce and family law attorney as well as Successful Lead Trial Counsel.
  • In depth knowledge of Father's Custody Rights, Husband's Divorce Rights, Real & Personal Property division (including Quasi community/separate property), pensions and 401K issues.
  • Experience with the issues involved with same-sex marriage, domestic partnerships, same-sex custody, and LGBT litigation.
  • Military Divorce
  • Licensed to practice in all Courts in the State of California.
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"When I had my consultation (it was a Free Consultation), Michelle listened to my story, then laid out a plan; a plan that made sense to me. Most of all, she made me feel like she and her legal team would be there through every step. To this day, they have worked with me through every hearing, and every detail in between. I cannot imagine going through this without this law firm. We were also successful with our restraining order and move out order against my spouse. Michelle was even able to have our judge protect my dog within the restraining order."

- Marcus K.
San Diego, CA
"She just gets it done! I have known Michelle for many years and always known her to be the best at what she does. She will determine the problem or issue, find the best way to solve it, then get on it and make your world better. I recommend Michelle to my friends and anyone looking for help with a problem. If she feels the problem is not within an area of practice of hers, she helps find another attorney who may be a better fit. She is very responsible and seems to care more about her client than herself. You will enjoy the results you get when working with Michelle and her team."

- Mark
San Diego, CA

About San Diego Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney: Michelle Paul

Michelle has 37 years of success in the business world, a Political Science Degree with Summa Cum Laude Honors 4.0, from Coastal Carolina University, and 8 years experience in civil litigation before becoming an Attorney. Because she is a seasoned negotiator and successful business woman, Michelle brings you skills that cannot be taught in law school, rather only through experience. Her broad experience and blend of disciplines give her the tools to approach your case with a battle-tested real world perspective and leaves you and your loved ones to benefit from the most favorable outcome possible.

Michelle understands the uphill legal battle, domestic and legal, that men potentially can face in divorce proceedings. Husband's can feel like they receive the short end of the stick in a divorce; Michelle has the experience to ensure the best possible chance for a favorable outcome. 

Michelle handles all areas of family law such as Father's Child Custody battles, Parent-Child Alienation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Splitting of Assets and Debts, and Property Division. California Divorce usually is never easy on many levels, but having a skilled men's divorce lawyer can make all the difference when presenting a case to your Judge in the California Family Court.

Call San Diego Divorce Lawyer, Michelle Paul, Esq. for a Free, no obligation consultation, so she and her professional legal team can successfully help maneuver you through, what many people perceive as a confusing legal system, with success.
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